Useful Contacts

Community Phlebotomist01159405298
University Hospital/QMC01159249924
Nottingham City Hospital01159691169
Alcoholics Anonymous Local Helpline 8.00am-midnight+ answerphone0115 9417100
Alcohol Problem Advisory Service01159414747
Rape Crisis Centre01159410440  
Samaritans0115 9411111 
Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic                                           
G.U. Clinic City Hospital (female)
G.U. Clinic City Hospital (male)      

0115 9427747 
0115 9627745
Teenage Health Clinic 
– Victoria Health Centre
0115 9509151
Womens Centre0115 9470230
Womens Aid Advice Centre0808 8000340 

How Your Local Pharmacist can Help

  • Ask your pharmacist for advice about choosing the right medicines for common ailments
  • Your pharmacist will advise you if you are unsure about seeing a doctor
  • He/She can offer advice about a problem if you are not sure what is causing it 
  • Ask for advice about staying healthy¬†

    Be sure to tell your pharmacist if you are taking other medicines – some medicines are not compatible

Local Emergency Dental Services

  • Find your local service by phoning 111